UXPA International 2021

Conference User Experience

UXPA is the place to be for learning about best practices for user‐centered product development, usability research, product design, and real‐world case studies. 

Visit Tobii Pro at booth #9 to learn how eye tracking can be beneficial for research, design, and evaluating the user experience of products and services.

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Baltimore, MD

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Mike Bartels

Mike Bartels is the Director of Marketing Research and UX at Tobii Pro in North America. He has a master’s degree in experimental psychology and 15 years of experience within the field of eye-tracking research across a range of different commercial and academic fields. His publications include articles for several marketing research magazines including Quirks, QRCA Views, MRA Alert, and a book chapter in Eye Tracking in User Experience Design (published in 2014 by Schall and Bergstrom).