Safety Lenses for Tobii Pro Glasses 3

This accessory package contains two lenses (clear and tinted) that are compliant with safety glass standards to support research in bright environments and locations requiring eye protection.


Tobii Pro Glasses 3 with safety lenses side view

Lenses for research in various environments 

The safety lenses allow Pro Glasses 3 to be used in situations requiring approved eye protection*, both indoors and outdoors, using the different lenses.

The clear lenses enable the use of Pro Glasses 3 in environments requiring safety graded protective equipment, such as construction sites or production facilities.

The tinted variant, with IR blocking, supports research in bright outdoor environments.

You can combine the safety lenses with our corrective lenses, as they’re mounted in separate places on the glasses.

*Pending certification

Parts & construction

The IR Blocking Safety Lenses accessory contains the following:

  • 1x clear safety lens
  • 1x tinted IR blocking safety lens

*Pending certification

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