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A Practical Introduction to Eye Tracking

A hands-on introduction to creating eye tracking experiments

A 3-day onsite course, taught by experts, designed to help you implement eye tracking experiments and practically work with eye trackers.

  • Introduction to eye tracking
  • Building example experiments
  • Setting up and recording with your eye tracker
  • Getting to know the eye tracker and getting good data quality
  • Analysing eye tracking data
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Eye Tracking Research Toolbox

Make better decisions when designing, planning, analysing and interpreting an eye tracking experiment

A 3-day onsite course, taught by experts, that deals with the fundamental unavoidable decision-making problems you will encounter while doing eye tracking research.

  • Selecting the right eye tracker for your experiment
  • Designing the ideal eye-tracking experiment for your research question
  • Taking into account the data-quality and data-analysis perspectives in the design of your experiment
  • Reading and reporting eye-tracking data
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Tobii Pro Onboarding Program

Learn how to work with your software and eye tracker

An intensive 4-week online program that will equip you with the tools to kick-start your journey with eye tracking. 

  • Design your first study 
  • Master your eye tracking equipment
  • Collect your first data set
  • Explore and analyse eye tracking data
  • Report and present the findings
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Articles and Whitepapers

Eye tracking essentials

Start here if you wish to get the background knowledge needed to understand eye tracking research. 

  • How an eye tracker works
  • How the eye and visual system works
  • How do we process and select visual information
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Tobii Pro Lab

Learn the basics and watch tutorials to improve your skills with Tobii Pro Lab. The articles are organized according to your Pro Lab project type and eye tracking setup.

  • Screen based projects
  • Glasses projects
  • Scene camera projects
  • Integrating other data sources (e.g. GSR or other physiological data)
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Tobii Pro Studio

Learn the basics and watch tutorials to improve your skills with Tobii Pro Studio. Here you will find:

  • How to guides
  • Concepts
  • FAQs
  • Downloads
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Tobii Pro Wearable Eye Trackers

Learn how to setup and operate your Tobii Pro wearable (head-mounted) eye tracker. 

  • Tobii Pro Glasses 2
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Tobii Pro Screen-Based Eye Trackers

Learn how to setup and operate your Tobii Pro screen-based (remote) eye tracker. 

  • Tobii Pro Spectrum
  • Tobii Pro X3-120
  • Tobii Pro Nano
  • Tobii Pro X2-30/60
  • Tobii Pro TX300
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Mobile Device Stand

Learn how to use eye tracking and the Mobile Device Stand to test the usability of mobile interfaces.

  • The Mobile Device Stand setup
  • Usability testing on mobile devices
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Galvanic skin response essentials

Start here if you wish to get the background knowledge needed to use galvanic skin response measures in your study. 

  • How a GSR device works
  • How the human sweat system works
  • How GSR is related to emotions and cognitive workload
  • GSR artifacts
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Steps in an eye tracking study

This section guides you through the five key stages of a typical eye tracking study.

  • Designing a study
  • Setting up your eye tracking system
  • Running a study
  • Working with eye tracking data
  • Interpreting and reporting the findings
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