A beginner's guide from a research question to a successful eye tracking study - Screen based eye trackers

This is a miniseries of two webinars focusing on eye tracking in two different ways: screen based & wearable. At the bottom of this page you can sign up for the screen based webinar, the wearable webinar sign up page you can find here





Tobii Pro employee

Mirjana Sekicki, Ph. D.
Scientific Team, Tobii Pro

Are you curious about eye tracking as a method for your future research? Do you have students who are just starting in your eye tracking lab? Would you like to get practical advice on how to successfully perform data collection with eye tracking?

Join us in this miniseries of two live webinars where we will outline all the important steps in a scientist´s journey which will take you from a research question to a successfully completed study.

In this webinar we will focus on screen based eye tracking solutions, and particularly highlight the following aspects:

  • What to consider when formulating a research question
  • How to make an informed decision on the eye tracking equipment appropriate for your research
  • Best practices when setting up an eye tracking lab
  • Experimental design: thinking ahead for meaningful results

If you are interested in wearable eye tracking solutions as well, make sure to register for the second webinar in this miniseries, which will take place on Thursday May 14th.

Can’t join us live? Register anyways and we will send you the recording to view at your own convenience.