VR Days


Meet Tobii Pro at VR Days 2019 in Amsterdam.



Amsterdam, The Netherlands

An individual’s subconscious behavior can be hard to detect, but eye tracking in VR reveals the reactions people have when they interact with environments and objects in the virtual world.

Beginners and advanced eye tracking users, as well as people interested in the technology are welcome to visit our booth #B6 and listen to the keynote that we will be hosting together with Dr. Tim Holmes. Tim is using Tobii Pro VR Analytics and Vive Pro Eye from HTC in his study and he played a key role in the design and development of our VR software.


Keynote with Dr. Tim Holmes

Title: From plan to place: Making Mondrian’s plan a (virtual) reality!

Description: In this talk, we will discuss the challenges associated with translating artist's Piet Mondrian original architectural plans into a Unity 3D environment. With eye-movement there is a possibility to analyze how viewers explore and experience the immersive content. Furthermore, we will discuss the roll eye-tracking and VR in optimizing environmental design.

Dr. Tim Holmes, award winning visual neuroscientist who researches the role environment and design play in decision making and behavior. Recognized as a leading authority on eye-tracking and visual attention, he has worked with brands, retailers, content creators, academic institutions and sports team.