• Tobii Pro Glasses Controller software.
    Tobii Pro Glasses Controller version 1.76 now available

    Today we have released a new version of the Tobii Pro Glasses Controller software!

  • A basketball player wearing Tobii Pro Glasses 2 with reflective markers for motion capture from Qualisys
    Partnership with Qualisys combines motion capture and eye tracking solution

    Qualisys, a leading provider of motion capture technology has partnered with Tobii Pro to integrate the two technologies for combined analysis of eye and body movements. 

  • Tobii Pro Lab 1.73 eye tracking software
    Tobii Pro Lab version 1.73 now available

    Today, we released a new version of our software platform, Tobii Pro Lab! The new features and capabilities are geared towards making analysis more efficient for researchers using GSR.

  • Tobii Pro Lab version 1.70 now available

    Today we released a new version of our software platform; Tobii Pro Lab 1.70! The new features and capabilities are developed to improve workflow efficiency and reduce analysis time.

  • Tom Englund
    We are your long-term research partner – a message from our president

    Tom Englund, the president of Tobii Pro, comments on the latest developments in the eye tracking research market

  • A laptop with Tobii Pro Lab software, E-Prime
    New software platform – Tobii Pro Lab is now released!

    Our new versatile software platform, Tobii Pro Lab, has been released and is now available for download! Pro Lab is designed to make it easy for researchers to design, record, and analyze eye tracking data and sync it with other biometric data streams in order to get deeper insights into human behavior.

  • A person sitting in front of a computer and working with Matlab software application.
    New Tobii Pro SDK for research applications

    We are excited to launch the new Tobii Pro SDK! It's designed to help researchers and partners analyze gaze data from any screen-based eye tracker from Tobii Pro.

  • Tobii Pro Spectrum eye tracker
    Launch of Tobii Pro Spectrum and Tobii Pro Lab
    Tobii Pro Lab Tobii Pro Spectrum

    Today, we are launching a new high-performance eye tracker with a higher frame rate developed for extensive studies into human behavior including neuroscience, infant and child development, psychology, linguistics, reading, and ophthalmology. 

  • New features and metrics in the Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer software
    Tobii Pro Lab

    We are excited to announce new features and improvements available in the Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer software that will help to simplify and streamline the behavioral coding process.

  • New features available in the software for Tobii Pro Glasses 2

    The latest release of the Pro Glasses Analyzer includes the option to segment data by creating custom portions of it. With the Time of Interest feature, you can choose a start event and a stop event to get a clearly defined set of data for a particular event. Also, we added the possibility to view logged live events, created in the Pro Glasses Controller, to be able to find the interesting parts of the recording and use these when creating Times of Interest.

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