Tobii Pro Lab version 1.70 now available

Today we released a new version of our software platform; Tobii Pro Lab 1.70! The new features and capabilities are developed to improve workflow efficiency and reduce analysis time.

What’s new?

Dynamic AOIs extended to Tobii Pro Glasses 2 and scene camera projects – you can now create dynamic areas of interest (AOI) for the analysis of single recordings, or export AOI characteristics for analysis across multiple recordings in other software.

Export of calibration results – View and export calibration results after data collection for the evaluation of individual recordings and for specifying calibration quality in your reports.

Time of Interest analysis using video frames – Create visualizations and perform AOI-based analysis for custom Times of Interest in scene camera and screen-based studies using video frames.

Download Tobii Pro Lab

To download Pro Lab or to learn more, click here.

For a quick introduction to the various parts of the software, check out our overview videos in the Learn and Support section of the Pro Lab product web page. There, you will also find training articles, the user manual, and sample projects for practicing.